A Fall Wedding

This special wedding took place during Covid-19 pandemic. There were many safety precautions that were in place (even if you can’t see them in the photos). Katrina and Jonathan joined us for our original photo shoot before the opening of Sage Creek Farm. Once Katrina saw the venue, she knew she would be married here. And, true to her word, she was.

Katrina fell in love with the beautiful tree colors that filled our property during the Fall season. The wedding date was set in 2019, long before Coronavirus was here. Our bride was not deterred. She had chosen her date and that was all there was to it. Additionally, on that Saturday, the weather from a hurricane also came though Fairview.

The bride’s initial choice was to be married on the deck over the stream. However, the rain did not allow that to happen. The backup plan was to have the nuptials under the Oakmont Pavilion and the reception in the Sage Creek Barn. Which went beautifully.

Katrina and her bridal party got ready in the Bridal Suite. While Jonathan and his groomsmen prepared in the Gent’s Quarters. The couple shared a prayer before the wedding being careful not to see each other.

During a dry moment, the wedding party went down to the deck for some pictures with the bright and colorful foliage.

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